Saturday, December 27, 2008

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Anonymous said...

Nice site, hopefully traffic will pick up. You are located in Ohio-do you know any of the CFC-Solar people?

JDK said...

Thank you for the comment.

I know them well. I have taught quite a few classes and gone out on consulting visits for them.

They do a great job and have some exciting programs in the works.

FluidPowerWorks said...


Have you noticed the participants here are the same as the other three Fluid Power Forums which is not very many?

I don't believe any Fluid Power Forum will have much traffic as long as Fluid Power systems are designed bt Fluid Power Manufacturers and Distributor personnel and mantained, miniamlly, by a general Maintenence Mechanic. Fluid Power salesman often get business by designing circuits so they are not eager to let anyone in on their trade secrets. They may put on 1,3, 5 or even 10 day seminars to train their customers. I did that for mqny years and hardly ever had to bid a job, just design the circuit and hand in a parts list.

I have been trying since 1988 to bring Hydraulics and Pneumatics out of the dark ages and have it recognized similar to the way the Mechanical and Electrical disciplines are. I find only about 10% are in favor of having TRAIINED/DEDICATED Fluid Power persons so that does not seem to be an answer to upgrading Fluid Power to the level I think it should be.

I don't believe any Forum on Fluid Power will ever get high traffic since many of the knowledgeable persons want to keep their status as designers, installers, teachers and trouble shooters. Most of the rest of the persons working in/on Fluid Power equipment usually are only parts changers or try to replace the systems with something they understand or can buy from a salesman who is knowledgeable.

At least that is the way I see Fluid Power in the real world.

JDK said...

FluidPower Works:
You may be right about "not much traffic". I will try some ways to change that. If you search hydraulic answers in google, we are now on the second page and didn't start there. I am working to get this site listed on the first page when a googler(?) puts in "hydraulics". I fully understand all of your other comments and agree with them. Question: You say 3 forums; I am only familiar with H & P. What are the other 2? Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

The other two forums are and the fluid power forum at Like Bud mentioned basically the same few people contribute the majority of the comments.

FluidPowerWorks said...

JDK, here are all I know of except the H&P Magazine one you mentioned:
This one is from non Fluid Power persons looking for help on Hobby projects:

This is an interesting old design of an Air Compressor wih only one moving part:

Here is another one that might be of interest:

That is most of my list that I frequent. The others are forums for engineering rhat have Fluid Power questions sometime.

Some of these have been hacked and lost all their earlier post' so they appear to be completely inactive. They were active but had fewer than 1 post per week on aveage.

Except for Log Splitters there are not many persons interested in Fluid Power unless they have a breakdown that no one can figure out.

JDK said...

Thank you for this info.

FluidPowerWorks said...

Here is an Inernational Forum that started a few years back but seems to have died. Maybe it could be revived?

JDK said...

Thanks Fluid Power Works; I checked these out.

FluidPowerWorks said...

Here is an excellent one for animated cutaways I forgot. It is info from Sun Hydraulics and can be downnloaded from their site I believe.

Anonymous said...

Here is another hydraulic component Animation program that is an excellent tool for teaching.

JDK said...

Thanks again for the info.

FluidPowerWorks said...

Check out the Hydraulic Training writeup on this web site:

There are links to Part2 and 3 also.

This i written from an Off Roader's perspective for the type of equipment he deals with.

A lot of Hydraulic Training is similarto this offering.

Mary Gannon said...

Thanks for sharing, JDK! I will be sure to become a follower of this site. You're right. Our forums is home to our more technical discussions. The blog is meant to be more of an industry update, so if you ever have news or interesting comments to share, let me know!

Thanks for reading FluidPowerTalk.

Mary Gannon
Senior Associate Editor, Hydraulics & Pneumatics

JDK said...


Thank you. We're looking for deep thinkers here; if you know any, please send them our way.

Electric Log Splitter said...

thanks for the information, your post is too informative as well as the comments. thanks